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Bibione is a beach place in the Nord Adriatico, located between Venice and the gulf of Trieste.

With its 8 km. of beach with fine and golden sand is the preferred destination for a beach holiday dedicated to relaxing sunbathing, sport and nature excursion, all in a unique setting.

Bibione beach equipped with every service, the characteristic nature area of the lighthouse, thermal baths and the center full of shops, restaurants, pizzerie know how to meet the holiday requirements of all the family.

Even the four-legged friends will find a large area where they can play and make a bath: Pluto beach is an area equipped and reserve for people who want to go to the each with their dog.



The history of Bibione is deeply tied to the Tagliamento river, the river that flows on the eastern parte of the location.

The beach has been formed from centuries by the deposit that the river has little by little deposed during its floods.

The bond is recognizable today as well in the area of the outfall where a lighthouse dominates in an humid environment, still wild a succession of fossil dunes, unique at european level.

Well Bibione is the ideal destination for the ones that want to spend an holiday close to nature switching from walks on the beach, bike escursions in the greenery, cycling tracks dedicated to cyclists are countless: from the cycling track along the beach that crosses Bibione in all its lenght, to the track that takes to the port along the coast in the humid area of Vallesina to “Giratagliamento, a coast cycling track along the coast of Tagliamento river to the Bibione outfall until the local places in the hinterland as Latisana and San Giorgio al Tagliamento.

Some km. west of Bibione you can visit the natural reserve of Vallevecchia a humid area of wildlife interest, perfect for birdwatching lovers, with a wide beach not equipped, latest testimonial of the original sandy beaches north of Adriatico sea.

You may reach Vallevecchia by car, by byke and also by boat with a tour that starts from Porto Baseleghe, the Port of Bibione Pineda.

spiaggia levante

Wine and food

The peculiar climate and the ground of Bibione makes it perfert to grow fruits and vegetables. The best known plantation is the white asparagus which is the main actor during the month of April.

Also rice has recently been revalued in small production but high quality, a cultivation which is present since long.

There are a lot of apple trees, pears and peaches while in the hinterland there is a wine area of D.O.C. Lison-Pramaggiore, which is famous for its red wines that can be tasted and bought directly in the local wine cellars that produce it.


Bibione is located in the central part of Adriatico sea and is a very good starting site to visit Venice and Trieste but also as a base for trips in the Veneto and Friuli Regions.

Small cities, rich of history and culture not far from Bibione are:

  • Portogruaro, known as inland waterway port XII century, is crossed by Lemene river. Along the street in the center you may admire buildings in venetian gothic style, walking in its typcal arcades.
  • Concordia Sagittaria is a center formed by the Romans in I century B.C. Its name recalls to a presence of an arrow production (saggitae). Beyond the evidence of the roman period important early christians rests are present, representing the ancient Basilica.
  • Caorle is a small picturesque beach city reachable from Bibione by land or by sea, thanks to the navigable waterway.
  • Sesto al Reghena, small city located near Portogruaro, is known for his Abbazia benedettina “Santa Maria in Sylvis”, an example of roman art.
  • Aquileia, roman colony founded in 181 B.C. the inland waterway port, the Decumano and the Forum are preserved. The national Archeologic museum gathers findings found in the several digs done. The roman Basilica “Beata Vergine” (XI century) is of great value, erected on a christian building of V century, where you may admire, in its interiors, the precious mosaics which date back to IV century.

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